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Verse 1

Awoke in the morning, cold and alone with her by my side.

Gave so much now I’m empty, but something tells me now it's time.

The vision so clear now, feelings I have linger into the day.

Like another dimension, parallel with my sad parade.

Chorus 1&2

Was it all in a memory?  Or was it a dream that I had?

I awoke feeling empty, realizing what I never had.

Verse 2.

Now I know what will happen, I believe that it is already so.

Consciousness is ascending, granting the mind in all that it sews.

Seeing others so happy, children are playing with love in their eyes

I need only believe it, changes to happen the rest of my life

Verse 3

Time, such a fickle thing. It waivers and wastes if you dare to concede.

Consciousness now awakens, giving us time as we live in our dreams.

Dreams form reality, our thoughts and our hopes can be played out each day

In touch with a universe, that gives and takes based on what you relay.

Chorus 3

It wasn't all in a memory.   It wasn't a dream that I had.

I created a new life, leaving behind the pain in the past.

All I had....




Sifting and turning, it’s deep inside your skin

A raging inferno it’s hell upon your kin

When will it happen how much can they endure

A trigger awaits to blow them down, for which there is no cure


I feel for you because there is nothing you can do

I feel for thee as I watch you make them bleed


Whoah… Emotional overload, Whoah, Too much is going on

Whoah, A man of duality, Whoah, Which man will you be?


Hours go by,  and now the happiness flows

Something flips the switch and Mt. Emotion blows

Passive and demure, we’ve seen it all before

Now that glimmer in your eye is a sharp edge of a sword






You are the Architect of your own demise

Burning every bridge you ever had

The house of cards you built has fallen to the floor

The shelter it provides you is no more.



Cling to the drain of life as you swirl around

With dizzy paranoia you go down.

A sorry sight to see but one you made yourself

With arrogance and hate there is no help



You sorry mess, don’t ask for me to lend a hand

Instead I’ll laugh as you expire

You say you want to change but time has passed for that

Now it’s time to face the fire



Going down in flames…(IT’S THE ONLY WAY)  Now it’s time to die!

Going down in fire… (NOW YOU EXPIRE)  I hope you enjoy the ride!



There’s many names for you but one phrase fits you fine

A social parasite that never learns.

Loser,  junkie,  flunkey, some words that come to mind

No matter what the brand you’re gonna burn.


Many years have passed and now we’re looking back

The struggle oh how it was real

They say that time heals all, but I dispute that fact

Flames from hell can also do the deal




Marching through snow and ice, concealed in the night.

A column of white and blue, ragged yet tight

A victory in the name of God



The Fog of War

For Freedom and Liberty’s call

The Dogs of War

Are Hessian’s now paid to make war



The boats staged in waters of ice, a river of cold

A patriot killing device, now ready to go

And as they push off from the shore



The Fog of War

Allows them to strike in the night

The Dogs of War

Will be hit before morning light.


Slow Section:

The crossing is tough, the sleet remains strong

                         The Army now gathers on South Shore for the dawn,


Fast Section:

In Trenton they slumber the Hessians are drunk from the eve

Now slowly surrounded there is no patriot reprieve

“To His Excellency” they called out as the battle began

Killed Hessian commander, victory is now at hand


A Patriot victory won, Hessians in chains

Washington has turned the tide, long live liberty


The Fog of War

For Freedom and Liberty’s call

The Dogs of War

Are Hessian’s now paid to make war

The Fog of War

For Freedom and Liberty’s own

The Gods of War

Now history’s written in stone




Life goes on and you hear the songs

They are the markers of time

Floods of memories clear and bright

You never know when it’s time for goodbyes


The news comes and it strikes the heart

It always feels like hell when it starts

Hard as metal but humble inside

They lived that way till the day they died




When fragile bodies cease to exist

And the soul slip away in the mist

They never leave, they stay in our hearts

And the stories pass near to far


CHORUS (the chorus needs to stay pretty close in phrasing and words)

You’ve gone away but your songs here to stay

You’ve become Immortal

Body's gone legacy carries on

You’ll remain Immortal



You taught so much in word and in song

To know the difference from right and wrong

The road was long and we all got to ride

You made us welcome and let us inside




CHORUS      Bridge part into a Fred solo and the a J solo





You're on the outside looking in

Another tirade never heard by me or anyone else that cares


It’s sad to see, alone again with the

demons that stare back at you into your eyes you see the truth now


look into the mirror

Do you see the tears that once I cried are falling from your face


You're all alone and you deserve,

The solitary hell you know it well you’ve been here time before.



Watching day and praying night

As you peer across a landscape looking for some sort of right


that you should,  be here at all

but the truth is when you fell down once again it was the hardest fall


of all, and we don’t care

don't care now about what you do  watch you stumble like a fool


that’s life its your own deal

it's always been and always will be stinging like a bee




Say goodnight, turn out the lights, the door is closed forever and you’re in for nasty weather


Say goodbye,  as I write, the story that I dreamed of and past days we’ll never speak of  anymore


V1. We rise and fall, just like the sun in the sky, the moon in the night

A struggle to keep us alive, fighting to see what’s wrong and what’s right


Shoulder to shoulder

Our hands in the air


V2. When strength comes in numbers, and fury arrives deep in my soul

A song that’s worth singing, inspired by you, forever are true


Shoulder to shoulder

No more despair…




I’m Longing for Night

So I can see you again

I’m done with the day and it’s lies

I’m Longing for Night

So I can feel you again

We have till tomorrow


In the back….in the front….side to side… so alive 


V3.  Your eyes are like diamonds, they cut through the night, lighting the way

A passion so driven, the fuel and the fire, breaking away


Now were beholden

Moving as one





V1.  Solemn is the sound of your silence

Waiting in the wings it’s almost over now

Remember in your heart and mind forever

The times of when we ruled the world and held our sway


Stay where you are for awhile

Watch as the world falls away

Safe in the back of the line

All in natures design

V2.  All along the trail I see the folly

The fumbling and moaning as they try to make it free

Scratching turns to clawing turns to dying

Screaming in the shadows as they meet their demise


We made up the rules and now,

A  process of deadly refine

Surrender and you will decay

All in nature design

V3.   Emerging in the day from sanctuary

Vigilant in darkness when the sun goes down

Shadows and you better run to safety

Soon they come a crawling from the underground.

Repeat 1st Bridge


Verse 1

Sorry, is the folly of chasing what ought naught be

You’re not free

Fading, never gaining a lifetime of praying on

Those in need

The wall they climb is just to high, dreams are never realized, make another alibi

A smoke screen

Time’s up, the reaper is calling and now you are falling down

Can you see it


Close your eyes, what you feel is real inside

Watch and see, as the door begins to close you start to scream.

Verse #2

Once there was a time when men believed your lies and you

could not fail

Looking, down in spite casting shadows of mighty light

Judging hell

Everything you say and do, has no longer any truth, what the hell you gonna do

Fall from grace

Keep the, power within retribution begins

And now you see it


Friends have, all fallen wayside, because of your landslides

They go down

History,  is rewritten in your mind so smitten you

Stand your ground

Alone in mind and body now, worshiping the sacred cow, dig the hole much deeper now,

Never learn

All in, all it makes no sense flying in the turbulence

Now you feel it


Double chorus end.

Close your eyes, what you feel is real inside

Watch and see, as the door begins to open you will

Realize, that there is more to life than all your

 foolish schemes.  Make a change or you’ll find your self alone and you will scream…..




It  looks at me and then I see the rage down in it’s soul

A wrecking ball of hell and scorn that’s meant to do me harm

When and where it got this way, I can not tell you how

So stand aside or you will feel the full strength of it’s power



Hell Yeah………

It’s Something Fierce


It’s time to fight



With lightning speed it captures me and now I fear the worst

It’s hand around my throat clutching harder than at first

A vicious scream and all I see is spinning round my head

An almost fatal blow has stuck me down….  on death’s doorstep





No where to run, under the gun

No where to hide, fighting for my life

No where to turn, never did I learn

Try not to die, no mercy tonight. 




Bridge Repeat



However did I make it through I still don’t understand

Lying on a table being told it’s in my head.

As time goes by I've come to find it never goes away

I learned to tame this hell inside, by living day to day



He grew up in a coastal town with not a lot to do

But run around and raise some Hell with his little Demon crew

They ran the town and burned it down with some things never known

Buried deep forever now that they have grown



Old Times....

Old Pain....

No time for trouble

No time to gain

No time top rumble ‘cuz nothing stays the same

It’s ancient history, The memory stays enslaved

The secret is now safe with me as I Take it to the Grave


Crazy is as Crazy does, that's what Thrashers do

A baseball bat makes mailbox flat before the night is through

A little paint, some broken glass, they blamed it on a fool

The mastermind got away and kept on teaching school




They moved away and grew up right but the stories never die

Locked away in memory behind the naked eye

'Back in the day' will only rise

when the boys are back in town





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