Charlie M1

Metal Guitar Virtuoso!!

J~Mo has been playing music since 1983, starting first on bass, transitioning to guitar in 1987, and then playing both rigorously to date.  While his main music style is heavy metal, he has played bass in almost every genre and 6-string guitar in rock and metal.  Much of his career from 1983 to 1997 was exclusively bass playing, performing in such bands as Reckless, Bad Karma, the West Coast Judas Priest tribute British Steel, and Father Mary.  You may still occasionally see him playing bass with the instrumental band Ed to Shred as he has done for the past 25+ years.

In 1997, Jason “retired” from the music business to return to school where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  During this time, he continued to play music, but almost exclusively guitar, which has always been his main instrument of passion.   In 2007, he began to venture back out into the “band scene”, this time on the 6-string.  J~Mo formed the band Bully, a hard-rock four-piece which released one full-length CD and supported such acts as Imagika and Potential Threat.  In 2008, J~Mo left Bully and joined the power/pop quintet Sinnergy, who had a huge following in the Portland, OR, area. Jason’s metal background took Sinnergy in a much more “hard rock” and guitar driven direction.  Playing to a nearly sold out house on his debut gig, J~Mo and Sinnergy spent nearly 4 years tearing up the Portland, OR, and Pacific NW club circuit before the group disbanded in 2012.

Wanting to do something more metal and closer to his roots, J~Mo was offered the guitar spot in Splintered Throne, a metal band that had been playing in the Pacific NW since 2006, first as a death metal band and later morphing into more of a “rock” band.   With J~Mo in the band and the two remaining founding members giving him full reign to rework parts of the old material, J~Mo has taken what were already great metal compositions and added his own guitar driven power/thrash influence  and moved the direction of the band into a metal music monster akin to that of Death Angel, Firewind, and Iron Maiden.  The band put out a 5-song EP featuring a reworked cover of the Animals’ House of the Rising Sun.  Reviews of the CD include “Masterful work”, “great guitar”, and “love the sound.”  J~Mo handles 80% of the lead work and did all the rhythm and acoustic guitars on this release.

Be it in front of 3 or 30,000 people, J-Mo and his arsenal of Jackson Guitars are ready to bring heartfelt, soulful and emotional six-string submission to the front of the stage for all to enjoy.  Finally in a band of fellow metal musicians who are proud to call themselves a Heavy Metal Band, there is no stopping this metal machine!

Guitar Influences:    Randy Rhoads, Wolf Hoffman,  Michael Schenker, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, Gary Holt, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Ritchie Blackmore, Dave Gilmour, Carlos Santana.

Music Influences:     Iron Maiden, Accept, Cliff-Era Metallica, Death Angel, Anthrax, Deep Purple, NWOBHM and Bay Area 80’s thrash.




•Two White Jackson DK2M Dinky’s (Eva & Brianna)

•Black Jackson Custom Shop King V (Victoria)

•Black Jackson J-Mo Custom Shop (Rayveness)

•White Jackson RRXMG Rhoads (Lisa Ann)

•Black Swirl Jackson Kelly KE3 (Kelly)

•Blue Jackson DKMGT Dinky (Christy)

•Martin Acoustic Guitar

•Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 100 Watt head w/ two 4 x 12 custom H&K cabinets

•Various Boss, Electroharmonix, and Vox effects

•SKB Pedal board with MIDI Mate controller