Fred started playing guitar in 1980, and although there was an immediate connection to playing, it was more off and on because of the rather dry lesson materials Fred was given to study. When a friend introduced him to metal music a while later, the fire to play was stoked and he has been playing guitar seriously since 1982. After several years of playing and performing in hard rock and metal bands in the Seattle area, he decided to take a break to explore areas outside of music, eventually earning a Bachelors degree from Portland State University, majoring in English: Guitar and music were always present during this period.

 Early on, Fred had been introduced to Jazz Fusion and had always been intrigued by the energy, virtuosity and exotic nature of the genre. And, immediately following college, Fred dedicated himself to exploring this music. And, once again he began practicing scales and technique for countless hours on end, as well as taking lessons from well known Jazz guitarists based in Portland. These efforts culminated in the recording of a CD of original acoustic guitar music: Music Fred likes to call Atmospheric Acoustic Jazz Fusion. Eventually, the CD received interest from a Portland area indie-label, but lack of funding prevented the opportunity from progressing any further. During this period, Fred also wrote songs that received honorable mention from Billboard Magazine’s World Song Writing Contest in the Jazz category.  

A couple years later, the urge to play hard rock and metal started boiling up to the surface again. And as before, although Fred dedicated himself to rigorous guitar work, performing in a band took a back seat; the focus was the exploration of music with occasional jam sessions with other players, and potential bands. However, a couple years ago, his musical interests had truly come full circle and he decided it was time to not only write and record a CD of hard rock and metal songs, but once completed, form a band that would play the music live. While looking for musicians, Fred discovered that Splintered Throne was looking for a guitarist.

Believing Splintered Throne is a band with huge potential and talented musicians, Fred decided he wanted to be part of the group. Fred’s CD of original hard rock and metal tunes was completed in late summer and early fall of 2012: These tunes helped Fred get the audition, and ultimately get the gig as the second guitarist with Splintered Throne in early 2013.

In addition to guitar duties for the existing ST tunes, Fred also contributed song ideas for the band’s latest studio project, The Octagon, and is excited at how fast and easily the writing and recording process came together as a band. Furthermore, Fred’s passion for guitar and music has also inspired him to teach guitar in the Portland area.

Gear & Influences

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom: Black. Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus: Tobacco Sunburst. PRS Custom 24: Emerald. Godin Freeway S/A: Lightburst Leaftop. Ovation Custom Legend, Al Di Meola Signature Deep Cutaway 1769: Black.

Amplification: Marshall JVM410H Amp, & Marshall 1960 cabs.

Additional Amplification: Marshall JVM410C combo amp.

Acoustic Amp: Ultrasound AG-100D.

F/X: tc electronic G-System.

Additional F/X: Boss, Electro-Harmonics, Line 6, Maxon, Morley, MXR, Voodoo Lab power. 

Synthesizer: Roland GR33 guitar synthesizer.

Guitar Influences: Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Allan Holdsworth, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zakk Wylde, Chris Poland, John Stowell, John “JB” Butler and Pat Metheny.