The Metal Voice!!

Brian entered the Portland, OR music scene after walking away from formal music study in 1994.   After getting his feet wet in a local cover 80’s cover band, he has been involved in several projects writing and performing over the years.   Founding Splintered Throne in 2006 to focus on all original music, he also founded and performed as the Rob Halford in the Judas Priest Tribute Band “Hell Bent For Leather”  in 2007 with Dan Bates.  While taking a break from Splintered Throne in 2008-09, Brian joined the band formerly known as Tragic Circus and helped to retool it into Iron Circus, an American Style Power Metal band.   Leaving Iron Circus in late 2009 to re-launch the Splintered Throne project, Brian made ST a primary focus which continues to this day.    “Hell Bent for Leather” eventually became “Hellion” which he left early in 2013 to focus on his new tribute to Deep Purple, “Highway Star”.

Brian has a minor in Music Studies from Portland State University, and has studied and trained with various professionals to learn vocal techniques to achieve a 4 octave range and almost perfect pitch skill.  He has recorded in several collaboration projects for charity and continues to work to improve his range and vocal skill.