BB Bio

Bass Extraordinaire!


Brian was late to the party and began slapping the bass when he was 18.  Judas Priest and Iron Maiden albums were his early instructors- Unleashed in the East, Piece of Mind, Maiden Japan played to over and over.  Forays into blues like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey helped round out his playing style.

After a summer in the band Hard Colors, Brian left and jammed with friends, mentor Scott Bouck, and honed his skills.  He was looking to play in a high calibre group with talent and professional gear.  He didn’t join another band until meeting up with Brian Garrison and Splintered Throne.

Brian Bailey was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  He lasted three years at West Linn High School then found “better” uses of his time.  He attended Portland Community College and graduated a little late but with his high school diploma and an Associates in Science.  Following up at Portland State University with a double major in Chemistry and Biology, he then pursued a 2-year degree in Environmental Health and Safety and a certification in Risk Management.  Brian continues to advance his career by taking classes in disaster management and currently works as a safety engineer in high tech manufacturing.

Brian resides in St. Johns with his fiancée Teresa and the Bobo, their teen son.   Brian DMs weekly; watches Big Bang nightly and owns a Star Trek uni.  He is a fan of Whedon, Wheaton, F. Day and all things geek.

Gear- Yamaha Motion III bass.  Fender Mustang bass.  Hardke at home, Mesa on the road.

Musical tastes- Rush, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Ditty Bops, Truckstop Honeymoon, Cake, The Shins and Weird Al.