~ SPLINTERED THRONE has supported such acts as:

PRIMAL FEAR, METAL CHURCH, ARMORED SAINT, POD, TONY MACALPINE, PAT TRAVERS, SANCTUARY, GARY HOEY, LITA FORD, EPICA, KAMELOT, FLOATER, POINTS NORTH and many more. SPLINTERED THRONE’S newest CD THE OCTAGON, released in Fall of 2014 and is available for purchase, as is the entire S.T. catalog! So, stay tuned now and beyond as the band takes these creations to the masses, you, our fans!!!


SPLINTERED THRONE started up in 2006 as a project encompassing everything from death metal to rock and pop music. Founded by guitarist Jonathan Schlosser and vocalist Brian Garrison, the band over time began to transition into more of a hard rock vibe with the loss of Doug Parks on drums and the addition of Yves Prince. Having made several line up changes through the years, two remaining original members that continue to carry the S.T. torch are vocalist Brian Garrison and bassist Brian Bailey.

In the summer of 2010, Brian Garrison made a key decision to change up the ranks with a much more defined melodic power metal sound and image for the band. This started by bringing on Jason Moser (AKA J-Mo) on guitar who would replace Jonathan and Kris Holboke on drums. J-Mo’s background in speed and classic old-school / traditional metal combined with the progressive-mixed-with-thrash drumming of Kris has put the band in a sound liking to such European bands like PRIMAL FEAR, EDGUY, and FIREWIND while retaining the American sounds of classic metal acts such as SAVATAGE, RIOT, and Old School METALLICA.

In 2013, the addition of Fred Osborn as a second guitar player gives SPLINTERED THRONE that twin lead guitar attack that combines both trade off solos and harmonies akin to IRON MAIDEN and THIN LIZZY. In addition to close to two hours of original material, the band does “Splintered” covers of classic rock and 80’s and 90’s tunes transforming them into the modern POWER METAL sound and style!


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